Client Testimonials

Lisa Mussing’s Testimonials

Lisa and the team at North have been prompt, professional and just about perfect in looking after my interests for my rental property. There have been difficulties and I have appreciated being kept up to date. Words can not express my thanks and I do look forward to their continuing great service. I would recommend Lisa, Kim and the team at North Estate Agents in an instant. By G Warner – Owner

We had the privilege to have Lisa as our real estate agent just over a year ago. In my vast experience with renting properties I have never come across an agent as warm and friendly and reliable as Lisa Mussing. She is true to her work and all of our requests, queries or problems were dealt with imminently and to the highest standard. This is truly a rare occurrence in the real estate business and we are lucky to have found her. After finishing our first lease and looking around at other properties with other estate agencies we again realised what an asset it was having Lisa as an agent as we had some unfriendly, uncaring, cold and even hostile experiences when looking for a new place. To our luck, we found a property that North Estate Agents was renting and it was to our great luck to find that we would yet again have Lisa as an agent. We are truly grateful for all her efforts and could not recommend her more highly. By P Sajovic & L Sodin – Tenants

Some 12 months ago my wife & I were introduced to North Estate Agents in Tweed Heads, and what a first class agency that turned out to be.
The first purchase in a new area is always a challenge. We are from Sydney, interested in investing in Tweed so we had to trust the agency, and they gave us the best of advice.
The purchase was sorted, now came the hard part, luckily for us North had, to their credit, one highly professional young lady working for them as property manager – Lisa Mussing.
Our first discussion with Lisa was about our expectations of the agency and what rent we hoped to achieve, Lisa explained that to achieve the rent some work would need to be done to the property, we agreed. We returned to Sydney, Lisa sorted out all the cleaning, trades required, and took a personal interest in getting us a great tenant.
Some twelve months on, we purchased our second property in Tweed, was there any difference? No way – it just got better, only made possible by this young lady.
One small hitch to our investment – no power left on, so when it came to the cleaning of the property it wasn’t going to be possible. Lisa and her team came to the rescue again. Power connected, unit cleaned, trades sorted and unit leased.
The best advice my wife & I could give: if you are buying an investment property in the Tweed Heads area you should consider Lisa & the team at North Estate Agents. By B Weston – Owner