Advanced Marketing


North Estate Agents has benefited from more than 61 years of tried and tested marketing campaigns to sell property. No individual property is the same and therefore rarely is a marketing campaign exactly the same for every property. Fundamentals of your property, target group of purchaser, demographics, ethnicity of population, price guide and market conditions are just a few variables that will allow our representatives to prepare a campaign suited and tailored specifically for your property.


Research also shows that 45% of buyers in the property market use the Internet as their primary media to search for a property.

  • Our website – coupled with leading real estate portals,, and including many others consistently generates high traffic volumes and enquiries making it a key element of our marketing and it is an area we are always evolving.
    All new listings are prioritized as feature properties ensuring your property will always come first under property search. Weekly vendor updates will be sent to you via email if requested detailing the activity and interest that your property is generating on the net.
    North Estate Agents has an ongoing commitment to remaining at the forefront of real estate marketing – something we know delivers better results for our clients. North Estate Agents continues to set the pace leveraging the power of technology and clever thinking.
  • Tools such as our comprehensive buyer database helps to match buyers and sellers in a highly targeted way and across multiple markets.
  • Our VIP Buyer alert is the ideal means for us to reach those buyers interested in newly listed property details ahead of any print media marketing incorporated with our advanced database.
  • Our dedicated professionals are available 24 hours a day, not to miss a lead.
  • Our innovative imagination TV mini property slide showsfrom our front office foyer allows buyers to view properties in a high definition video format.
  • Tweed City Shopping Centre and Tweed Heads Bowls Club display boards showcasing our properties.